Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Struggling to write

So over the last weeks, there has been ALOT of snow and ice and we have been stranded at home for days, but it seems we have found things to do around the house and have been so busy that my writing has been put on the back burner. So here we are, and I have a lot to share. For one thing, if you haven't tried it you should: Host a House Party!
I had never heard of this until I was reading my informative couponing blogs this fall and I saw one for Shutterfly (which I am a huge proponent of). I felt though the application was, well reminded me of, the college essays I wrote for applications. I tried my best and wrote what I felt was the right things and I did not get chosen. So a few weeks/months later I saw they were going to have a COFFEE-MATE House Party. I signed up for this one and the application was so much less intense. I was chosen!! They gave you several scenarios to choose from for your House Party and I chose the Cafe Bistro Coffee Party. I received a package in the mail filled with fun items: a new heart-shaped silicone cupcake pan, a red COFFEE-MATE apron, cups and napkins and creamer and coffee samples. They also sent recipe cards and a recipe notebook where the recipe cards can be filed! I also received about 12-15 coupons for FREE COFFEE-MATE!!!! I was so excited! I invited friends from church and home to enjoy the event. I had a group of about 15 and it was so enjoyable to just spend time together and relax. The evening went beautifully and I loved having friends and family in my home. I did not have to do a presentation, as some House Parties you do. They sent a few talking points and so I put them on table tents around my house so my guests could read at their leisure. For my friends who did not like coffee, I provided Hot Cider, which they still tried the COFFEE-MATE by adding the caramel vanilla to their cider and they loved it. At the party, if I took at least 5 pictures and sent them in, I also received a $5.00 amazon card! Which I love to use for purchasing a new book for my kindle off my wish list! It seems on their website (CoffeeMate, that is) that they are doing more House Parties, so sign up! Currently right now, Johnsonville, Green Works and Singer Sewing Machines are doing house parties. It's a great way to try new products, and sometimes enjoy getting them for free or at a very reduced rate! I love opening my home and this was a fun way to have friends and family over to visit!
Here are some pictures from the party:

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