Friday, April 26, 2013

Oh! The Places You'll Go!

Oh! The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seus is a great book to give for graduation gift. A reminder of who you've become by the the places you've been and the people that you meet. My friend, Krista gave this book to me as a graduation gift from high school and left a very sweet note inside. Since my daughter started in K-4 last year my mom suggested to start having her teachers write a special note inside to my girl and then give it to her on her graduation day. I would love for it to be a surprise, but she is too inquisitive  and probably has it figured out, but she will have to wait until graduation to read the messages from these special people and special teachers. My mom did a few of these for her former students and suggested if I wanted to do it to get started early, because you don't want to go back and try to find all those teachers. I agree with that, maybe in one area I can be organized and on target with completing! I found a poem on Pinterest and the original can be found here. I took what was written and rewrote some and made it so it applied to us. Our daughter and our boys will go to Calvary Christian School so this is written to remind our children that it is through the Lord that sets us on our journey, He is the reason we meet the people that we do and it is by His grace that we get through all. This is their journey but it's by God's grace that they complete it.

To Kari's Teachers:
We have started a tradition
with each child that we raise
In hopes that on graduation day
Kari can see pieces of God's grace.
To show her God has a purpose
even with the people that we meet,
that Jesus can be found
through the people on her journey street.
You are one of Kari's teachers,
so there is a special spot for you.
Just open up this book
and write a note to her from you.
Please don't forget to sign and date
so she can always see
The teachers that taught and walked with her
and made her school journey complete.
We thank the Lord that you are a part of Kari's school journey.                             
Thank you for doing this for her.                                                                       -
Kyle & Kristy Gantz

I pray this will bless you and your children today.