Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas Photo Cards

For our photos this year, we had them done in the summer, my sweet friend Stacey who has been doing our photography for a couple of years now, and has just moved away to Michigan. We are so thankful for her and her beautiful talent. We are so blessed to be at a church that has members that share their wonderful talent with others and especially many photographers--we had another family who has done our photos before as well, the Barretts and are just as thankful for them too!  She got us our cd of photos and we are so pleased at how she captured our little ones in the photos. We got some great family shots and are so thankful to capture this moment in time, the ages of our kids and our family together.

As always, I found my way to my favorite photo website and starting plugging my photos into my Christmas photo cards. I found one I liked and sent them to my cart. Added in all my promo codes and found that with the amount I wanted to order, I would be paying double of what I paid last year. I don't know what I am doing wrong, maybe I order too many Christmas cards? Probably, but I can't pick who to write a regular Christmas card to and who to send the photocard, I feel if I send them to some people, we should send them to all the people on our list (and there is nothing wrong with regular Christmas cards, I love getting them so very much!)
I ran to Pinterest, thinking, I can just make them myself, but without having Photoshop or I couldn't figure out PicMonkey, I found on Pinterest a very sweet chalkboard looking Christmas photo card, customized from for only $15.00. In the matter of 12 hours or less, I had the custom card the way I wanted it, proofed by me and sent with the rights to print it myself. Then the matter of cost to print. I realized today, I could upload my card to and for only 9 cents (9 CENTS!). I could order a 4x6 of the print or for 58 cents I could order a 5x7...both of which were at least $1.00 + cheaper than my other online source. For $9.00 I could order 100 cards + $15.00 for my beautiful customized etsy purchase and **bling** my total is $24.00 for my cards this year!!
This is the etsy shop that our photo card was ordered from:
Go check out this awesome business! Less Ordinary Designs

Here's the one we chose:

If you want to see a final copy, you'll have to wait until you receive our photo card! This was such a blessing to us to stumble upon this great find! Now you too can print photo cards for only 9 pennies a piece!