Saturday, July 28, 2012

What do I take to the hospital?

I remember the first time I went to the hospital to have our little girl in 2007. I remember we had our focal point, the baby's ultrasound photo in a frame, music to listen to, a back massager, and the list goes on. My bag was full of things that I thought I would need. When I got there and was induced, all I wanted was ice chips or those amazing heating pads/towels and the heat up or the air on. I never once pulled out my focal point, listened to music or even watched t.v. I focused on my breathing and was pretty quiet. When it came to pushing, I pushed with all my might but my daughter's head was stuck and her heart rate went down every time I pushed. So I was on my way to the OR to have a c-section.
With my 2nd child, you would think I would be more prepared, seeing that since I had one c-section, I was going to have another, since our small-town hospital doesn't do v-backs. It was the day before my scheduled  c-section and my daughter and I were in a car accident. We were both just fine, but totally unnoticed by me, I was starting into labor. I wasn't even going to call my doctor, because I had a million things to do: my daughter's laundry was all in the washer and dryer, I had to return a car seat at the store and get one that was right for my almost 3 year old girl, I wanted to get adjusted one more time (my husband is a chiropractor and I like being adjusted every week, especially knowing that I'll be lying on a bed for a few days before I can walk after my c-section). Well, I ended up calling my doctor and was ordered to the hospital immediately. After I got there I found out I'd be there for the next 4 hours being monitored and also found out I was having contractions every 3 minutes. I did not have a bag with me, no cameras to capture the first moments of our little guy's life, no underware or change of clothing for when we go home or pajamas. I was an emotional mess, I was not ready, but I had to be ready to deliver this baby whether I was ready or not. My sweet husband ran home and got the cameras, baby book for the footprints, etc.
Now we are onto our third little blessing that will be born here at the end of August, we think. I have found everything is in God's timing and there is only so much preparation you can do, but there are things that you need in the hospital that every mother needs to take with them. With our first blessing, I didn't know what I would need and wasn't prepared, with the second blessing, I was not ready to go, so with blessing number 3 I am going to try to at least have the essentials in a bag and ready and the rest my sweet husband will have to help with.
I have found a few good lists on Pinterest that will get you started, like here from Lay Baby Lay and think their idea of actually getting some of these items for a Mama-to-be is an excellent idea!! I have included my list below of what I need. Keep in mind I am also a cash patient, so I have to bring a lot more than what a "regular" patient who is on insurance has to bring (i.e. I have to supply my own extra strength tylenol, pads, newborn diapers).
Here is my list of the things I think I will need, I am sure there are lots of things I may have forgotten. Everyone is different and these are the things I know I will need for the hospital stay for 3 days.