Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Daily Grind

I know what your thinking, I am about to complain about my job or my life in general, but actually, I'd like to just say what a beautiful display of God's amazing work in life.

The daily wake up call; whether it's the big thumps down the stairs of the two year old or cold hands and feet up next to you of the 5 year old or a sweet snuggle of the 8 year old with sleep still in her eye because her brothers woke her again or a kiss good morning from your husband or even the joyful sounds of your alarm.

Getting out the door: one more potty break, laughter, silly stories, coffee brewing for my hubby, warm mist of the shower, cartoons, sippy cups, bowls of cereal, tying shoes, cowboy boots, backpacks, lunches, van.

Morning Routine: cartoons, grocery, picking up, playing games, reading stories, cars on the couch, outside on the electric gator, sand in our toes, creek rustling over feet, jumping trampoline with static hair.

Lunch: Husband home, same old sandwiches, same lunches made day-after-day, plates and dishes put away, dishwasher filled, empty sink, coffee brewing, laughter, dirty fingers, Hi-Ya with Daddy.

Nap Time: cups of coffee, down time, rest, folding laundry, cleaning, dinner prep, Bible study

School: Pick up big girl and big boy at school, screams and tears from little one-nap is always too short, "Carry me, Mommy." Smiles from older two, miss them so.

Home: After school activities: Piano practicing, homework, silly boys playing, outside, dinner, laundry, fights, squabbles, tears from all.

Dinner: Daddy Home!! Cheers!! Running to the Door! Outside to play more, Daddy watch me! Around the table, family prayers, Baby prays, "Now you pray Sissy, Now you pray brother, Now you Pray Mama, Now you pray Dadda."

Playtime: outside, inside, upstairs, downstairs, crafts, coloring, cars, trains, videos.

Bedtime: Can you lay with me? Prayers, extra hugs, extra snuggles, extra strokes of the hair, puppet talking with animals, tucking in animals too, tranquil turtle song and lights, singing How do you get to Tomorrowland, Counting your Blessings, listening to the older one read her books she loves and talking about her day, holding my arms not to let me go, out of bed again, up the stairs, Good Night Mama &I love you echoes from all rooms. Lights off, back upstairs to check on each.

The Daily Grind as it's entitled, so many memories of today that are so special. How grateful I am that God gave me today, even though the days seems long and monotonous at times, God has shown me Him today and for that I am thankful.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Sometimes I'm organized and sometimes not so much. I tend to forget things easily.We have a monthly dry erase calendar attached to our fridge, which helps tremendously, but what if one of the kids erase or I accidently erase when I open the refrigerator door. I remember in college I had my Miami University Calendar, the Miami Memos, to keep my crazy schedule in tact (Oh there are so many items to insert here of the activities!!). However, I do remember having missed an opportunity to speak in front of students about being a sibling to my brother who has Autism. I had been to other classes and spoke before, but I forgot that day, with this professor, whom I normally did not see and I was bummed. So I had this remembrance of that day and today I bought a calendar.
Why today? It's April. Today you can no longer find January-January calendars, not even in the bargain bin. Today you can only find July 2015-June 2016.
I downloaded April, May and June from this cute website:

And I'm off, to a life more organized! I was driving in the car the other day thinking about my Mom and how she could go to a drawer in her home and know exactly what appointment she had in 1976 because she has a calendar. So maybe after today, I'll be able to tell my kids, "Hey on this date in 2015, I bought a calendar and the next day we _____" because I had it written down!

So this calendar is in honor of my Mom and her organization! Thanks Mom! Love you!