Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Overture

I love the sound of an Overture, the beautifully arranged medley before a musical begins. I love listening in anticipation of the songs that are to follow in the play that is going to begin. The ups, downs, crescendos and fortes of the musical accompaniment that encompasses a musical.  I know at the end of the overture, my favorite moment will happen, the curtains will open and the play will begin. A little silence or hush comes over the crowd and we're all at the edge of our seats and alert to see what will unfold before our eyes. 
I had the opportunity once in high school (can you believe it?) to be in a musical. I loved it and I am so thankful for the opportunity, though I had no voice experience, I was thrilled to wear a pretty dress and dance and sing on stage. The overture, and listening to it in the wings was my favorite part. The overture featured little hints, but never gave away any part of the musical. 

As I was getting dinner ready tonight and listening to The Sound of Music begin, I could hear my daughter, who is 4, singing along with the Overture. She only knows bits and pieces of some of the songs, but she loves it! She is a huge Julie Andrews fan. She loved her on The Muppet Show (we have some of them on DVD), then Mary Poppins and now in The Sound of Music.  As I stood there, busily getting things ready, I was thinking about my daughter who is about to begin K-4 and school for the first time. I was thinking about how this time at home is the beginning of who she is and who she will become. Just little hints of her. I do not know what the future holds, but now she loves singing and dancing, but I do not know if she'll grow up to be a singer  or dancer. She always proclaims she will be a chiropractor like her Daddy. She makes me laugh everyday, and she has a wonderful sense of humor. She is silly and giggly. She's kind and caring. She loves movies, musicals and music. She loves finding the "girl's part" in songs and will sing that part only and her Daddy will sing the "boy's part." She likes dolls and Disney Princesses. She likes planting and watering flowers, playing outside and getting dirty. She likes riding horses, riding the gator and swinging. She's my little twirler, we're always twirling. She loves others and gives great snuggle hugs. She is a helper and a good big sister. She loves praying and reading her Bible. These are just little hints of my girl. This is just her Overture, only the beginning. 
I feel as if the curtain is beginning to be drawn and I am standing in the wings as my daughter is rushing to the stage for play to begin. All these things I have learned about her, have been her Overture in her life, the beginning of her musical. The rest is beyond the curtain. How my heart waits in anticipation for the musical to begin.