Tuesday, April 26, 2011

No writing

To be called an official blogger, I would think that you would need to write more than once every two months. So I am going to try to start this again...writing more often...I know it's hard to believe, but I am going to try to write more. My goal when starting was to have a log of my kids growing up, and I do that that through pictures and my journaling I do for them...and of course the journaling has taken the back burner. And this is always the last. I feel like in the last two months, there have been lots of huge things happening, one that our daughter turned four! Four, that seems so huge! And she is now eating like a child, not a baby. I can actually fix a plate for her and it's all gone and she asks for seconds. Where is my baby?
And then there's our son, who is now 15 months, almost 16, who we have yet to have his 1st year pictures taken...grant it, it has been cold, wet, snowy and raining I think since January, so we have had very few days of no rain or wetness to be out with the photographer...but I am chopping at the bit to get out there! But as Kyle reminded me, I do have pictures of him on his birthday and that's what matters (and lots since then).
Someone asked to see our house, it's not for sale, but when someone asks, you have to be willing to show it right? So we were busy preparing a house to be shown...but I am not ready to move. I have the memories of each part of each room of our house that I walk into and remember a special time or special memory of holding a baby or child or sitting with my husband as a newly married couple. What is a house? It's just a place where all our stuff is, a place to call home, a place where memories are hidden. It's earthly, it doesn't last, can I let go of it. God had to really work on me on this one. I know I adore our blue house with the red door, with the red porch swing, and back patio. As I am a person who likes to know endings and how things are going to work out--a planner, an organizer. We still don't know where we stand on the house with these potential buyers, but I know that God has a plan. A wise friend once said to me when I was looking to change jobs, she said and I quote, "You have to be willing to stay, before you are willing to go." I guess that can be turned around to I have to be willing to go before I am willing to stay. I had to realize the through this, just someone looking at our house, that God is in control of our lives. As always, he knows the best path we are to take. I need to let go.
These are just a few reasons I have been absentee from my blogging. In this next year, year two, I hope to write more about my family, my kids and post more pictures. And as you know gardening and canning will be starting up before you know it! So get your first crops in on those dry days!!
Thanks for reading friends, stay tuned for more to come!