Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A thought about being a parent

Whatever you write on the heart of a child,
No water can wash away.
The sand may be shifted when billows are wild,
And the efforts of time may decay.

Some stories may perish, some songs be forgot,
But this graven record--time changes it not.
Whatever you write on the heart of a child...
Will linger unchangeably there.
--Doan, Speaker's Sourcebook p. 52

I got this poem (I think there are more stanzas however, but this was all that was written) in the book A Mom after God's Own Heart, which I am hoping to study more on this summer. This sometimes haunts me, but most of the time it encourages me to persevere through my day and pray that all that I say will be honoring to the Lord. I pray that all that my words and language that are given from my mouth to my child and to their heart, will be of encouragement to grow in the Lord, to show them love through correction and discipline and love above all from my heart to theirs. I pray that in our day they will learn that Jesus came for them, and they need Him as a Savior...I hope that is written on their heart most of all! I hope that through our words and actions they will know we have loved them from the beginning and God has loved them from the beginning of time. O I hope what I write on the heart of my child, that they will in turn write on the heart of their own children and each generation after will know of God's love, and their parents love for them! I hope in all things that I say and do it will honor God, because for Him is the reason I do what I do.

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