Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings...

As I look back on 2010 and reflect of how gracious the Lord was to me again...I stand in awe of who He is, but I realized, alas I pail (pale, err) in comparison of where He wants me to be. I do not make resolutions because as January shadows February, they are usually forgotten. I don't usually write anything down, because I know I am a person and I fail every year. But here we are in the season of resolutions and personal goals of staying fit, exercising, dieting, etc. And I feel like God has a new beginning for me in store. I don't know what it is just yet, but I want to find it. I guess my goal, as it is every year is one in the same...grow more in love with the God of this world, which will cause me to share that love with his creation, meaning my family--my husband and two blessings--my children. I pray that this year will be different in the fact that I will study His Word more, know His attributes that makes Him who He is and to find joy in Him as I do in His creation (my husband and my children) and that I find in reading a new book. I pray this year I will write more in my blog. I am not good at that...and I hope to do better. I do want to do better about taking care of myself through diet and exercise or at least exercise. I hope to play everyday more with my kids and spend time with my husband. I feel the time is just fleeting by with my daughter as she may start preschool next year...and that's a huge we're thinking about and praying I know I first of all want to dedicate this New Year of 2011 to the Lord and I pray that in the end come December, this year was about Him.

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