Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A handmade gift

I don't know about you but I love receiving a handmade gift...something someone has crafted themselves just for me. I love that! I love all the gifts we received when our daughter was born, but one that stuck out to me was a handmade hooded towel by my friend Bobbie. As a mom of little ones that are growing older, those little baby hooded towels are so sweet and so snugly, but they quickly grow to too short and too small. As my daughter has grown and is now almost 4, she can still use this pink sweet hooded towel. It's so great because she has lots of long hair and it is so warm and cozy and she feels warm after her bath. While I started putting away her baby towels and teeny bathrobes, I realized I am going to need to purchase her some new towels and I realized I should make more hooded towels. Now, for someone who struggles threading my bobbin, I thought this was an impossible feat, but I found a great website that I go to when I make these (because I always forget the directions) and make theses sweet towels. http://www.makeandtakes.com/easy-hooded-bath-towel

For my nephew last year for Christmas, I made him at least two, I think. And for our son for Christmas this year, I made him two. Our daughter's original towel is made with a ribbon around the hood, which is how I made our little girl's extra two and my nephew's. My poor son does not have his decorated at all, so I'll have to work on that! My best friend from college just had a baby!! And I thought, I'll make her one for her little one. I decided to try my hand at lettering, and no I do not have an embroidery machine. I think the last time I did lettering was in Middle School and made a FMS pennant. My pennant was made with felt and did not move, so I tried just fabric and I struggled and tried to give up, but I think it turned out nice. I know it's not perfect and I have a lot to learn! Next time I may use fleece instead, as I am afraid my lettering will fray, sorry Kel! Here's a photo of my hooded towel for my sweet friend Kel and my "niece" Ava!
Disclaimer: I realize my lines are not near straight, but I am learning and trying! I just hope she enjoys it as something of her own! If you or anyone would be interested in a hooded towel, I enjoy making them and would love to share with you too! Just let me know!


  1. Really nice blog, i had a handmade Baby Hooded Towels too, i was the one who made it.. i read a tutorial @ make and takes too.... its really nice, also i made one for a gift i gave to my friend.. she;s really happy about it...

  2. Thanks My Urban Child for sharing! What a great gift to give! I hope your friend enjoyed it!