Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another reason

Another reason my writing has been so few and far between would be the many projects that I have assigned myself to. One is the new projects I have started making. As 2011 rang in, there was, on Facebook a craft-it-forward project. This project was to sign up under someone else's status to get a craft from them, in exchange for you to craft-it-forward to 5 others. So I have received my very fun magnets from my good friend Tammy and was all inspired to try something new, out of the box! My mom received a very neat gift for Christmas from a student. It was a trivet with her name written and stamped snowman on it. It was so cute and simple, but my mom thought it would be something I should do. I didn't even know where to begin or how to even attempt it. But after looking online and watching some tutorials I found a new hobby/craft that I love doing. I can make coasters, trivets or art with this simple trick. It just takes a little Mod Podge, tile and a little imagination and I start crafting away. Here are a few of the projects I have done:
I love any verse about the Lord being my refuge and have been meaning to post it I finally did it! I just need to get a book stand so that I can set it up right! The letters are from my cricket.

This is from left over boarder wallpaper from our kitchen. This is my favorite to work with.
This is a trivet.

I love this vellum paper and how the tiles look through the paper! 

I got a little excited with the stickers, but this was for a friend whose living room is decorated in hunting. I like how they turned out!

I am just so thrilled to have this new idea and I am hoping to be able to give them as gifts for weddings or at showers. What new crafts have you found?

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