Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Why do plans bind us so, and when they are broken why does it bother us? I am a planner, to the core. I love lists, I love order, I love checking off my lists, I love to-do's, circling ads for garage sales, finding deals in my CVS ad and making a list and order in how I shop there...O how my list can continue. The last two weeks my order, my things I want done, my fun things are not getting done because I am or my child or my husband is sick. I have come to realize that in all things, God has provided a greater good for me and to not go to something or not have my list completed is because He is providing me a detour and I need to not be flustered when this happens. Last week for example, Kyle came home and I didn't have plans or didn't have anything on my to-do list so he took us up to Indian Lake where we walked around the water, played in the play area and enjoyed ice cream at Dairy Queen. I was so thrilled for this spur-of-the-moment, end-of-the-day, memory-making family event. And since I didn't have plans for us, Kyle felt he could take us! (Why don't I do this more often) I didn't plan it, I didn't have it on my list, I didn't make invitations or even plan a meal. It was carefree and time with my family! What a blessing from the Lord! I know I will always have great memories of that day. Maybe I need to be better about being more carefree--I used to be. I used to go anywhere on a whim or do anything if I was dared (within in the realms of legality and conviction). Where did I loose this child-like wonder and joy! They have been lost to my lists. And though I don't think I could give them up, I am finding I would rather enjoy these last minute plans better--and I need to be more easy going as I once was...afterall I am a mother of two wonderful children and doing various things and activities that are not necessarily planned will be good for them and myself. All this to say, I know God has a purpose for my life and it is nothing that I can plan or have control of. How thankful I am that He is control of my life, my future, my all! Lord, help me to enjoy the moments away from my to-do's and make them memorable!

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  1. The Getty's have a song called "Don't Ever Lose Your Wonder" on their In Christ Alone cd. It should be our prayer as parents for our children to not grow up too quickly as we get so busy checking off our lists! It is a struggle I have, especially when school is in session. Life is so fleeting and they grow before us as we blink... but God, please, don't let them lose their innocense and wonder!