Friday, July 16, 2010

The Swing

Today I put the swing away, and I am realizing once again I have an older infant. Where once a sleepy little one that was tucked all around with blankets (so he wouldn't slide) was found is now a busting out of the seat and more interested in other things little boy! Where did my newborn go? Where did his need to be held scurry away to? He is now jumping in his jumper, quickily finding little bits of things on the floor (as I am hurridly using the sweeper more often again) and playing with the toys he can now grasp. Every mother I meet has always said, "Hold them when they're little because it goes by so fast." And here we are 6 months later and time has flown. I get a little sad when they move stages in their clothing (he is wearing 9 months--big boy!!) and even in different sizes of diapers...those newborns are so teeny!! And they quickly move on to size one, two, three... And now I am seeing he is starting to be a big boy. No more swing is the first sign of being a big boy. The space in our room is more open, but do I dare say, more empty. This is only the beginning of goodbyes and only the beginnng of more independence for my little man. I can't believe I would ever be so weepy to clear our room or put away a toy, but to me it's only the beginning of my son growing up. I see where my daughter is now, and I know it's only a matter of time. Children grow O so quickly. Love them everyday and enjoy each moment! Today it's the swing, what will tomorrow bring!?


  1. I know what you mean I think I teared up a little as I put away my little girl's newborn clothes =( it does go by too fast and she's only 5 months!

  2. I sometimes just take mental snapshots, remember how you feel at this moment or remember their face when it lights up in this instance, etc...O time, for once can you go slow?