Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One turns to Two

Never be one again...

No, you'll never be one again
The twos are tumbling on in
Daddy's little (boy) is growing up in the world
You'll never be one again.


Last month we celebrated our little guy's 2nd birthday! It was a great day, his grandparents, cousin, uncles, great grandparents were able to attend (we missed everyone who could not be there), but the day was so great! I found the perfect cake that I wanted to make for him, it was a number 2 shape that looked like a train track. I found the idea on Pinterest. Sometimes I just need to find the idea and go with it. I have never actually cut a cake to shape it, but with the help of my husband and his mad cutting skills, we made a perfectly shaped number 2. Next time, I will use a crumb coating before adding my buttercream icing on top. I used my Mom's royal icing recipe to make the white track. I think it turned out wonderfully. If I show my kids the cake and they recognize what it is, then I feel like my job is done well! Here's how the cake turned out!

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