Wednesday, October 12, 2011

One Jar

There is but one lone quart jar sitting on my shelf downstairs in the basement. This one in particular is old and a blue mason jar, a hard to find piece. It is not good for canning, because the neck of the jar is a little short, making it hard for the jar to seal, so I cannot use it for canning. This is the first year I have used almost all of my jars. I might have one more thing to do and that is potatoes, if there are enough for me, but that means I'll actually have to buy some. It's so great to walk downstairs to see my full shelves for our family. It's a lot of hard work, lots of burns, as I even endured one today when I was canning applesauce. But the last of the jars means the end of the summer for us. I know it's October, but the canning season is officially over, so summer is officially done. Now we get to enjoy the bountiful harvest that God provided for our family all throughout the winter, spring and into the summer. And next year will be around the corner before we blink. I just wanted to count and see where all those jars went, so I tallied everything up and here's the final score for canning this year:
6 quarts of applesauce
16.5 quarts of green beans
12 quarts of dilly beans
12 quarts of tomato soup
10.5 quarts of peaches
14 quarts of carrots
11 quarts of tomato juice
39 quarts of grape juice
16 quarts of tomato sauce
12 quarts of apple pie filling
We also put away sauerkraut in our freezer, we have 10, but as a family (with Kyle's parents, grandparents and  brother, we put away 81 quarts)
I can't remember how many quarts of corn I have...

So the total without the corn: 137 quarts of homegrown love!!
I am so thankful that we are able to do this every year. I really enjoy it! The only thing I did not do this year was strawberry jam, but I added this year apple pie filling and peaches!
What a blessing that God has provided us!!
How did you do with your harvest this year?

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